eppdata GmbH


Persons involved in the project:

Jens Fiehler
CEO by appointment of UKE

Daniel Kutzner

Evelin Hristova

Description of the institution:

The Eppdata GmbH is an SME dedicated to services in the acquisition and transmission, the management and the analysis and interpretation of medical data with strong emphasis on imaging data. In addition, advisory services are offered in the planning, implementation and evaluation of medical studies and for the treatment and communication of study results. Originating from previous collaborative research projects they have a strong European and world-wide network in particular in the field of Neuroradiology. Moreover, it is involved as a contract research organization into the ERASER study, the first study using predictive modeling as part of primary endpoint in the neurovascular field.

The Eppdata GmbH is leader of WP3 (Image Core Lab).


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